Connecticut Bridge Association Top Ten Masterpoint Winners for 2023 as of January 6, 2023

December was a relatively quiet month as most of the top ten took a holiday from tournament play while Bill Segraves finished off the year with a win at Myrtle Beach.

Congratulations to all of the top ten!


Left to right: Geof Brod, Bill Segraves, Tom Joyce, John Stiefel

Left to right: Rich DeMartino, Sandy DeMartino, Susan Mayo

Left to right: Howard Twersky, Laura Twersky


1  Bill Segraves  1102.33
2  Geof Brod  889.33
3  John Stiefel  454.59
4  Tom Joyce  362.18
5  Susan Mayo  348.96
6  Sandy DeMartino  339.95
7  Rich DeMartino  339.14
8  Laura Twersky  325.22
9   Howard Twersky  310.90
10  Ettore Bianchi  272.41


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