Connecticut Bridge Association Top Ten Masterpoint Winners for 2024 as of March 6, 2024

Through the first two months of the year, Geof Brod took the early lead, while John Stiefel kept pace as the high masterpoint winner at a late February Regional in Palmetto, Florida.


Left to right: Geof Brod, Bill Segraves, Tom Joyce, John Stiefel

Left to right: Sandy DeMartino, Helen Benson, Russell Friedman, Laura Twersky


1   Geof Brod   171.25
2   John Stiefel   165.79
3   Bill Segraves       100.92
4   Tom Joyce   100.46
5   Sandy DeMartino   84.10
6   Helen Benson   77.34
7   Russell Friedman   73.92
8   Mark Blumenthal   67.08
9   Allan Wolf   66.34
10   Laura Twersky   63.62


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