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From the Connecticut Bridge Association


Happy New Year to All and Best Wishes for Great Bridge in 2024!



Marie-José Babouder-Matta stormed District 25's January STaC with a second place finish on Monday with Nadim Matta and followed it up with a monster 77% game with Mu Zhang to win on Thursday.  Congratulations to Marie-José, Nadim and Mu!

Congratulations to the winners at the CBA Fall Sectional in Orange and thank you to everyone who played and to everyone who pitched in to make it a success!

Winners and photos from the CBA Fall Sectional in Orange below.



Left to right: Helen Benson, Rosemary Benedict, Bill Segraves, Geof Brod

Left to right: Joe Grue, Gillian Miniter, Sandy DeMartino, Frances Schneider

Left to right: Brett Adler, Jill Marshall, Jeff Goldman, Rob Rebelein


Friday morning Open Pairs - Bill Segraves and Geof Brod

Friday morning 499er Pairs - Leslie Petrick and Sonia Kingshott

Friday afternoon Open Pairs - Rosemary Benedict and Helen Benson

Saturday morning Open Pairs - Joe Grue and Gillian Miniter

Saturday morning 499er Pairs - Zeena Lobo and Noah Hutchinson

Saturday afternoon Open Pairs - Frances Schneider and Sandy DeMartino

Sunday Open Swiss Teams - Rob Rebelein, Jill Marshall, Jeff Goldman, Brett Adler

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President's Message, January 4, 2024

Peter Marcus informed me last week that after much consideration he would be stepping down as President of the Connecticut Bridge Association, and I will therefore take on that role for the remainder of his term.

I am very grateful for all that Peter has done during his time as President, and I am very pleased that Peter will continue on the Board as Past President. 

Frances Schneider will step down from that latter role, with our great gratitude for all that she did to lead Connecticut through the challenges of the pandemic and for her continued support for Connecticut bridge.

In the coming weeks, the Board of Directors will select a new Vice President, but in the meantime, our work toward making Connecticut bridge the best it can be continues, starting with planning for our first Sectional of the year, March 15-17 in Orange. 

I am looking forward to working with the Board but I am also looking forward eagerly to drawing on the experience, enthusiasm and engagement of all of our Unit members. If you have thoughts to share with me or questions, please feel free to contact me any time at

We have some challenges to face, but together, we can make 2024 a great year!

All the best,

Bill Segraves

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The Connecticut Bridge Association's St. Patrick's Day Sectional will be held March 15-17 in Orange, CT.

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